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2017 Gift Guide: For The Design Enthusiast

November 22, 2017

It’s that time of year again when you struggle to find the perfect gift, and who doesn’t just want to nail it? From smaller items to larger priced ones, there is something for everyone. There is one item that stands out for me on this list, and that is a pair of Birdies. These shoes are what my feet have been waiting for! I was lucky enough to meet one of the owners/creators of the shoes recently – an SF based brand started by two women who were in search of the perfect slipper. These slippers are chic enough to entertain in or to chase around after kiddos, but they’re also so soft and comfortable that you’ll want to wear them when curling up on the sofa.  I haven’t taken them off since I got a pair. The good news, if you find yourself in the same position as me, these slippers are durable enough to be worn outside; the bad news, it will be tough to pick your first pair – you’ll want them all!

 The collection is filled with classics; perfect for your design enthusiast friend.

Shop for The Design Enthusiast:


1.  Birdies – Your design enthusiast friend is probably also your chic friend; these slippers are made for her. With color and print options available, this shoe is made to be worn indoors while being durable enough to walk out the door.  Trust me, you will want a pair of these for yourself.

2.  Room Spray – When your design enthusiast friend has placed the final accent, this room spray will draw people to the room before they even see it.

3.  Windowpane Monogrammed Blanket – This is a blanket that will be pulled out year after year during the holiday season; add a personal touch with a monogram.

4.  Gold Glass Box – It’s only $16, but this beauty will keep little moments and jewelry contained while looking perfectly stylish on a dresser or nightstand.

5.  The House That Pinterest Built – If you love a good coffee table book then look no further; this one is a recent addition from Diane Keaton, who really can do no wrong.

6.  Cord Taco – As a designer who is always on the go, I rely heavily on my phone. I run through two batteries (at least) by 2 pm and having cords both on hand and not in a tangle for those urgent calls is crucial. I underestimated these at first, but now I use them for all of the different cords that go to the million-and-one gadgets that I need.

7.  Cuyana Leather Travel Cases – It’s well made, super soft and a classic style. Most of us are on the go and these are perfect for your purse to get you from day to night or to an upcoming trip. Monogram and color options available.

8.  Wreath  – Nothing says holidays like a wreath; add an ornament of choice for a personal touch.

9. Pom Pom Beanie – Okay, so this hat isn’t only for a designer, but this one is soft and perfect for running work errands on chilly days while looking chic.

10. Chair ornament I love the chair ornaments.  While black they are classic, and honestly, I would probably keep my favorite one on my desk year round.

11.  Mug – As a designer, your friend juggles a million things at one time; this mug and its simple print is sure to be the reminder she/he needs to put on a smile.



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