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Dreaming Big In San Francisco – Part Two

October 25, 2017

If you missed Dreaming Big In San Francisco Part One – see here and here. When approaching the design of a guest bedroom, I like to create a space that can serve not only as a retreat for the guest but also the homeowner when needed. Creating a calm space that is comfortable and relaxing comes from layering, lighting, and paying attention to all the details. For this project, the clients, a couple in San Francisco, wanted to have fun with the guest bedrooms; this second guest bedroom has deeper tones than the first but continues to reflect their love of travel. As I mentioned before, I love designing guest bedrooms for clients as they’re often willing to experiment more with the space. Even though the room underwent a complete makeover, existing carved chairs as well as a chest {used as a nighstand} made the cut for the final design.

Furniture sources, paint colors, and more will be shared in a follow-up post that goes “behind the design”. Stay tuned!

A look at the “before” 

{ The before was filled with dark tones, leaving the space feeling uninviting and in need of a complete makeover. }

The “after”

{ Brighter, fresher, and ready to welcome guests. }

{ The existing chest with brass hardware and two carved wooden chairs keeps the space feeling collected rather than new. }

{ The carved club chairs are a highlight of the room and are surprisingly comfortable. }

{ Two leather pillows that attach to the headboard make reading in bed a nightly activity. }

{ Creating a bed that is more about comfort and less about a fussy bed making process. }

{ A treasure from the client’s trip to Africa, a wooden giraffe, adds a whimsical note to the room. }

Stay tuned for a follow-up post on behind the design, which will take a closer look at how and why each selection was made for this space.

View Dreaming Big in San Francisco here and here.

I hope you enjoyed this manicured post. To see more client projects, head to 

Julia Goodwin Design

Photography via my amazingly talented friend; Elena Graham


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