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May 27, 2015


One of the most frequent questions I get asked is, “What is the correct rug size for my room?” While there is no simple answer for every space, there are a few guidelines that I include when designing a space, small or large.

First things first, let’s discuss the reasons why you should consider a rug for your space. When a homes’ floor is wood or tile it can still make the home feel cold. An area rug will help to warm up or soften the space underfoot and provide a visual break from hard material.  Enhancing your décor with an area rug is the perfect opportunity to bring in colors already found in artwork and accessories and can also provide the feel of a finished look. When placed correctly, area rugs help to define a space.

Ah, placed correctly… nothing makes me cringe more than a postage stamp size rug. Meaning a rug that is drastically too small for the space and ultimately makes the room feel like nothing fits correctly. While there are “rules” out there let’s discuss boundaries that will help guide you to the correct size area rug for your space.

A popular rule that you may have heard of is that all of the legs of your furniture must fit on the rug. This is ideal as the room will feel more pulled together, but it’s not necessarily a hard rule to live by. Rather, aim to have physically heavier furniture’s’ front legs sit on the area rug, leaving the back legs off. Lighter furnishings such as a bench or chair should have all legs on the area rug to avoid tilting and ultimately damaging the piece. This will provide a connection between the furniture pieces and will create a sense of proportion within the space.

Another guideline is to allow the hardscape to show, this should be especially considered when it’s an enclosed room rather than an open floor plan. Aim to have 8-18” of exposed flooring.

Dining Room area rugs should extend 24” on all sides beyond the table. This allows all of the legs of the chairs to remain on the rug when one is seated at the table.

Bedroom guidelines with an area rug; for large beds, place an area that will extend 12-20” around. Smaller bed sizes such as a twin or full should have at least 12”. This is not the only option to include a rug in the bedroom. Place one at the foot of the bed to bring in texture, color and pattern. This rug can be impactful when it extends beyond the width of the bed.

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