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Dreaming Big in San Francisco – Part One

September 30, 2017

If you have been following along via my Instagram stories you probably saw a few images of this bedroom almost two months ago, and funny enough, I’ve received quite a few inquiries asking when I’d share more photos. Today is the day, at least for one of the bedrooms. I’ll share the second shortly. When my client reached out regarding decorating two guest bedrooms in her San Francisco home, I couldn’t have been more excited. Guest bedrooms are, without a doubt, the rooms that clients like to have a little more fun with, and these rooms are just that.

When designing a guest bedroom, I like to make it personal to the homeowner but without overly personal items like wedding photos adorning the room. No matter how gorgeous of a couple you are, your guests do not want to wake up to photos of you staring back at them. I promise. However, I love to include images, books, textures, patterns, and colors that speak to the home and owner. Overall, a guest bedroom should be welcoming, calming, and inviting to you and your guests. In fact, you will probably want to keep the door open for all to enjoy.

First, let’s take a look at the before.

Before: this forgotten room was dark, full of pillows, bold animal prints, and curtains and furniture not appropriately sized for the room.

The After:

Walking into the room now, it feels calming, larger than ever, and welcoming. Plus it’s filled with details that reflect my clients and their passions.

{ This carved bed brings in so much character to the room but it’s light and airy – perfect for the room. }

{ Bringing in a ladder adds height but it’s also a great place to store extra blankets or towels when needed by a guest. }

{ I love adding a tray of little mementos that bring in visual interest. The tray can be added to as appropriate for your guests. }

{ Extra layers can be removed by the guests as needed but these provide a luxe feel despite how thick or thin the blankets are. }

{ A little catchall for guests to keep track of their little items. }

{ Add books that reflect your interests but that also bring life to the space. }

I hope you enjoyed this manicured post. To see more client projects, head to

Julia Goodwin Design

Photography via my amazingly talented friend; Elena Graham

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