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Warmth and Comfort in a Drool-Worthy Seattle Home

May 31, 2017


While working towards my degree in interior design, I would occasionally tune into the popular design shows that were taking over the tv world but would always become frustrated that they portrayed interior design as something that can be done quickly and cheap. When Nate Berkus appeared on Oprah, it was then that I fell in love with his work and really took notice. He made design approachable, relatable and left me feeling inspired and craving more.  I love that Berkus approached the world of design without letting himself get pigeon-holed into a certain look. Of course, he has his own style that is infused in each project, but they are vastly different than the next. In my humble opinion, that is exactly how interior design should be – a reflection of those who live or work in the space.  It’s not rare to have a project span over a long period of time; this Seattle project took 2.5 years to complete, layering the design with the time-to-perfect and make necessary tweaks, which occur in every design when it is allowed to develop.

This Seattle home, by Nate Berkus, speaks to me so strongly that I included more images than I normally do for the weekly home tours; I think you will understand why.


I hope you enjoyed this manicured home tour.

Home tour via: Nate Berkus

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