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Design My Clickable Sunday

My Clickable Sunday

July 10, 2016

As a designer, I get to transform houses and turn them into homes – all to fit the desires, needs, and wants of my clients. Luckily, I get to use the same methods in my own home. With a crazy work life and a busy personal one, coming home after a long work day needs to be a retreat; lately I’ve been drawn to calming blues, serene interiors, and romantic touches. Of course, at times, I crave a bright, fun, and colorful interior and “moments” that I can create. Keeping a neutral base and building off of it as our moods change make it simple to rework a space with your ever-changing desires.  Changing flowers is the easiest way to change a space with your mood. They are Mother Nature’s gift, they bring joy, and they allow you to play with colors that can affect a space dramatically. They always put a smile on my face. This weekend, be sure to take a moment to breathe deep and smell the roses, peonies, tulips, gardenias, or whatever your heart desires.

Sundays are for lounging and discovering; here are a few links that have made me laugh, smile, and feel inspired.

{{ Eating healthy Parisian style.

{{ With wedding planning underway, I was intrigued by how one woman took her career from writing to owning an eclectic bridal boutique that you are sure to recognize.

{{ Easy and reversible design ideas to transform your bathroom.

{{ 10 new lunch bowls that you can bring to the office.

{{ A rainbow dish that will make you the star at a BBQ party.

{{ The perfect color combos for your dining table.

Images: Dresser – Frontgate // Bedroom – Avenue // Dress – Ethereal Old World Engagements // Succulents – unknown

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