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Currently Obsessing: 10 Items From Anthropologie’s New House & Home Line

February 12, 2017

Anthropologie hits the nail on the head with their new house + home line. Is it a complete departure from what they have done in the past? No, but that’s okay because they are constantly turning out new items that I find myself drooling over. While I don’t consider myself to have a bohemian style necessarily, I love to pull pieces that I can work into my home as well as my clients’ homes. From their lighting to their case goods and their hardware, I always take a look at what they have available for me to include in my designs.

Here are 10 Items I am currently obsessing over, how I would use them, and why.

Um, “obsessed” is an understatement for this one. This delicate scalloped wall sconce is screaming at me and I may have two of them in my shopping cart as I write this. I love the metallic sheen that adds to the ambiance this light fixture gives off.

It’s no secret that a fast way to update your home is to switch out your throw pillows, but I have a feeling that I would be keeping these tufted ones on display for longer than usual the usual rotation.

Okay, so there are a few pricier items on this list but having recently switched from a wood and glass coffee table to an upholstered one {per the Mr.’s request}, I would have done it faster if I had seen this one. I love the colors, the texture and the size of it. Place a tray on top for when a hard surface is needed, and you are set.

Expect to see this beauty all over Pinterest and Instagram. Made from maple and soft leather with straps to keep the headboard and footboard pads in place, it adds visual interest that makes you want to walk up to it and climb in — not to mention it comes in a large number of colors. The worst part about this one is deciding what color to get it in.

While no two are exactly alike {which I love}, these painted mirrors are the perfect element to add to a gallery wall or to place above a nightstand.

I don’t know what it is about black mugs and dishes that I love so much. Effortlessly chic, this hand painted set of 4, belongs in my cupboard. Would you own black dishes and cups?

I couldn’t do this post without including a piece of hardware. This marbled knob can update your dresser or nightstand in an instant. Anthropologie is a go-to source for hardware, including their shelves.

This rug is as stunning as it is soft, I love the print and could see in a bedroom, preferably my bedroom. A pricier item, but a showstopper all the same.

I love the detail of this trunk, its beauty and function would make its way into your home and be perfect for a coffee table or bench at the end of your bed. The star detail is eye-catching and is sure to be a conversation piece.

Calvino Sconce // Tufted Leland Pillows // Paisley Silk Carpet Ottoman  // Premium Leather Rhys Bed // Medina Painted Mirror // Marcus Mug Set // Marbled Knob // Meralda Rug //  Tanja Trunk

I hope you enjoyed this manicured post. Happy Sunday.

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