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Design Tips – Seven Ways to Update Your Rental Kitchen

March 7, 2016

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. For those of you who rent, your kitchen can make you want to eat out every single evening. As a renter, I understand the tug and pull of wanting to make the space your own while avoiding breaking the bank at the same time. Here are seven ways to make a rental kitchen a space to love after all.

Seven Ways To Update Your Rental

Get your paintbrush out (with the landlords permission of course) 

white rental

Most rentals, even when cleaned prior to your move in date, never feel perfectly clean. Painting the walls white will make the room feel bright and inviting.


artwork in kitchen

artwork in kitchen 2

Continuing with walls, this room deserves artwork as well! Since we spend so much time entertaining in the kitchen, try adding pieces that are conversation starters. Don’t be afraid to make a statement here!

Switch Out The Hardware

gold hardware

Switching out the hardware is a quick way to provide the update which your kitchen may be screaming that it needs. Taking it with you is a snap, and you can re-use it elsewhere in your new home, i.e. dresser drawers, wardrobe, bathroom vanity, etc. Still don’t want to make the investment? Grab a can of spray paint and give your existing hardware a little refresh.

Make a Backdrop

rifle paper co

It doesn’t get much easier than a creating a pretty backdrop such as this. With wrapping paper, scissors, and tape you have got a conversation piece as well as a removable (and simple) DIY project.

red background

Hate your cabinet doors?  Remove them and add a colorful backdrop. Removable wallpaper and paint are wonderful options to add an unexpected pop of color while letting your personality shine through!

Area Rugs and Runners

runner kitchen

runner 2

Warm up the room while covering ugly tile to provide texture and color that will make your kitchen sing!

Hang Vertically

vertically one

vertically two

When you are tight on storage, think up! Take advantage of space wherever you can to make items easily accessible.

Under The Cabinets & Above

under cab lighting

Lighting is a huge deal in the kitchen though  many rentals seem to have a lack thereof. Try adding under cabinet lighting. IKEA has some wonderful options that are affordable. Trust me, this will make a huge difference in your kitchen!

Are you ready to try out these ways to make your rental kitchen a manicured one?

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