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Cocktail: Squeeze My Heart

February 13, 2017

I created “Squeeze My Heart” as well as “Hot Lips” and “Coming Up Rosey“, for my recent Galentine’s Day shoot.  This gin-based drink is actually inspired by my two sisters & my mum, all of who love a good G&T. Tastes and smells always bring back a strong memory for me.  I remember having my first G&T when I was with my little sister, Sarah {who is now a guest blogger on MyManicuredLife – see here}, and my dad in England.  We were staying with a friend for a weekend in the Cotswolds and when they found out that Sarah and I had not had a proper English drink, a G&T {we were in our 20’s, but still}, it turned into a night of laughter.  Of course, with Valentines Day upon us, I put a pink spin on the English classic –

Squeeze My Heart

Take a look at some of my favorite glassware for entertaining.


*ahead of time make heart shape ice cubes – find them here.

*Blood orange for heart shaped ice cubes

.5 oz. of pomegranate juice

2 oz. of d. tonic water

2 oz. of gin

Fresh lime wedges

Ice cubes (not the heart shape ones) for shaker


Ahead of time, be sure to fill ice cube trays with blood orange juice and freeze. Pour pomegranate juice, gin, ice (not the heart shaped juice ones) and the juice of one lime wedge per drink into a shaker. Shake vigorously (the lid is key in this step), strain into a glass, and top with tonic water. Place one heart shaped (juice) ice cube.

Photography by my amazing friend, Elena Graham {follow her on Instagram here}.

I hope you enjoyed the manicured, recipe.

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