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Book Reviews

The Woman in Cabin 10, by Ruth Ware

February 4, 2017

Having two sisters that are my best friends we chat about everything, and I mean everything! I look to them for advice (believe it or not, haha) on so many topics, both big and small. Books have always been a love of our family, but especially those that you can’t put down — a complete page turner, where you don’t emerge from your chair for hours or even days until the last word on the last page has been absorbed. So, I’d like to introduce you to my little sister, Sarah. She is hands down one of my favorite people; she laughs at my jokes, thinks I’m absolutely brilliant, and is always supportive of all of my endeavors including when (a few years back) I told her I was starting a design and lifestyle blog.  Luckily for us, each month, Sarah will introduce us to a book that she can’t get enough of. Take it away Sarah, we are so pleased you are here!

The Woman in Cabin 10

I’m blaming you, Ruth Ware!  I lost a good 2 hours of sleep last night gripping my kindle reading Ware’s latest novel, The Woman in Cabin 10.  I only like to read thriller/mystery books when I know I won’t be alone for several nights, so over the holidays surrounded by family was a perfect time.  The opposite of holiday cheer, this spooky story ended up keeping me awake by sucking me into a nail-biting story from the second page onward.

I admit to being a bit behind in this work of fiction.  It was only published in July of 2016 but was an instant best seller, and I saw it all over the must-read book lists.  In addition to being written by an English author, it has the same suspenseful and intense tone as Paula Hawkins’ The Girl on the Train

Based on a woman in her 30s, Lo Blacklock, who ventures on a cruise for work as a travel writer.  As quickly as this book had me gripped, Lo sensed something wass wrong; with a small group of characters on a 10 suite boat, you’re quickly guessing who did it.  It drags for a bit about 3/4 in but only because you are so anxious to find the answer.  No, you won’t feel intellectually stimulated, but this is the exact book you want to bring on your next flight or when a winter storm takes down your wifi. 

Up Next: The Thousandth Floor, By Katharine McGee

We scored Hamilton tickets, and this historical fiction based on Benedict Arnold seems like it will get me in the right time period. 

Hope you enjoyed this manicured book review.

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