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Designer Tips For Selecting Window Treatments

January 10, 2017

As you may recall, I recently had window treatments installed in my dining room from The Shade Store, which added pattern, color, depth, and visual movement (due to layers, fabric and hardware selections – see post here). In order to create more of a sanctuary in my master bedroom, I knew I needed proper drapery panels – not the old ones I had on hand when we moved in – so, once again, I turned to The Shade Store.  While I selected drapery panels again, I thought it would be helpful to show how they can be used differently depending on the space and design needs.

The Before

I’m a fan of the color white being used in a home, but contrast is necessary for me. The white drapery was a quick fix that we used when we moved in both for privacy and because the amount of light that pours into our home is a little too much for us in the mornings.

The After

Hello, gorgeous! { still dancing for joy since these were installed }

Selecting the Right Treatments & Materials

As I mentioned in my prior window treatments post, I can’t recommend visiting one of The Shade Store locations enough to select the materials you are interested in and to review the hardware and treatment options {you can also order fabric samples online and see examples of treatments}.  Materials online can appear vastly different than they will in your own home. Compare the samples to your paint colors, furnishings, and other items within the space to help envision the final result.

Once I discovered the fabric, Wool Blend in color Flax, there was no looking back. I loved the weight of it, the warm taupe, and the slight undertones that provide depth to a solid. While some might find a solid boring, this material makes you simply want to walk up to it and touch it, as it’s incredibly soft and rich.

 In the master bedroom, I wanted something different than was used in the dining room, yet still elegant. I loved the tailored pleat design; since it’s a solid, it didn’t interrupt a pattern design.

There is nothing I cherish more than a nice lazy Sunday morning when I can sleep in. Who doesn’t?  It was a natural choice for me to select blackout lining for these treatments to block out any light when necessary {basically every morning}.  Despite our windows being double paned, there is no doubt that the lining has improved insulation during these cold San Francisco months. When drapery panels are lined, whether blackout or otherwise, I like how they beautifully hang due to the extra weight and the construction of the panels.  Make sure to consider all of your lining options when selecting window treatments.

The rings provide easy movement when opening and closing, but I also selected the wrought iron hardware to mimic the lines of the canopy bed and to provide desired contrast against the wall color. Quick trick: place one ring on the outer edge of the bracket to keep panels from pulling across the pole too far when closing the drapes.

The Shade Store is after my heart by providing options for even the rod material used to open and shut the drapes. The acrylic material I chose allows them to disappear when not in use.  My husband still doesn’t know they’re there.

Compared to the before image at the top of this post, I raised the drapery rod as high as it could go before entering the coved ceiling.  Consider your bracket size if you have a cove ceiling.  You will want the bracket to sit flush against the wall, as this pulls your eyes upwards and makes the ceilings seem even higher than they already are! What’s not to love about that? 

I choose to have the drapes slightly kiss the floor; of course, if you want them to puddle, that can provide a very dramatic and different look.

Photography by Elena Graham

For more design ideas and to check out patterns and hardware selections, visit The Shade Store online or in one of their store locations.

Thank you to The Shade Store for this collaboration; we hope you enjoyed this manicured post.

This post is in partnership with The Shade Store. All thoughts and options are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations we are excited about to help to keep My Manicured Life’s doors open.

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