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Design Scenes From The Week

Scenes From The Week

April 13, 2017

There is nothing I fear more than the dentist. Okay, well that is not true — I’m also afraid of sharks — but, back to the dentist issue. For years I’ve been meaning to go, but even thinking about a simple cleaning brings me to tears {yes, I’m 35 years old, I’m aware}. To the point that I even walk into the office and I’m shaking and crying and embarrassing myself. That said, I did it! I went this week and had a three-hour appointment that made me cry at the beginning, at the end, and when I got home.  But, I made it.  We all fear something, but while I can’t say I conquered my fear {yet}, I did face it and I’ll take that as a nice personal achievement for the week. My mum called me shortly before my appointment announcing that she just had new floors installed at her lake house, and she now has a desperate need for a new rug in her entry.  She requested that I think of one quickly that could work for the space.  How is it that mums know the best way to distract you right when you need it?  From small challenges to large ones, it always feels good to check one off the list.

As always, here are the scenes from the week.

{ Gorgeous flowers from my mum after my dentist appointment – she really is the best. }

{ Stopped at the Restoration Warehouse sale and scored four nightstands and swooned over many other pieces. }

{ Catching up with my friend along the coast – not a bad view. }

{ Spring has sprung in SF – Can’t stop dreaming of bringing these branches home. }

I hope you have a lovely, manicured weekend.

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