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DIY – Christmas & NYE Crackers

December 19, 2016

There is nothing like a good DIY project to get you into the holiday mood.  If you have been following along on My Manicured Life for a while, you are well aware that my family is from England and that we like to recognize it pretty often.  Christmas crackers are something that I grew up with and that remind me of fond memories with my family during the holidays.  Typically, these are used at Christmas time but I introduced them as a wedding favor for my guests that doubled as an ice breaker.  There really isn’t a limit on which special occasions to use these; if I don’t have the time to make these before Christmas, they are equally great for NYE, birthdays or even a fun brunch with friends.

Our wedding had DIY moments in it, and the crackers were something that I simply HAD to have. Even though pink isn’t typically associated with Christmas, I used the remaining crackers and placed them into our tree branches among our holiday ornaments, and I have to say that I was quite pleased with both the look and the opportunity to reuse something from our wedding day.



What’s Inside?

Inside of a cracker, you will find a crown (any color you like), a little joke or a sweet thank you note (as we did for our wedding), along with a treat or toy.

How To Play:

The cracker is traditionally pulled by two people; when pulled apart, you will hear a snap sound from a long snapper that has been placed inside. The person with the large piece of the cracker will have the end that contains the crown and the note/sweet/toy.  The one with the shorter ends turns to the next person for another go.


Cardboard tubes (2 x 4 inches) – found here

Tissue Paper or festive wrapping paper of your choice (cut to 7.5 x 12 inches) — crackers made with lighter weight papers will tear apart easier when pulled so if you want to use tissue paper like I did, use two layers.

Snaps found here

Paper Crowns found here or you can also make your own!

Toys, sweets, and notes of your choice!


Double Sided Table

Ribbon of choice

DIY Instructions: 

  1. Insert rollers into ends of cardboard tube (if fit between tube and roller is not snug enough, add a little masking tape to smaller (red) end of roller).

2.  Lay tube on back of wrapping paper making certain tube is centered across length of paper. Apply a small strip of double-sided tape to the bottom middle edge of paper and roll tube back over tape.

3. Place snap under front (leading) edge of roller-tube assembly, making certain snap is centered across length of paper.

4. Roll paper onto roller-tube within a half inch or so of paper’s end. Make certain paper rolls evenly (straight) onto tube.

5. With double sided tape, run a strip of tape along back of paper about a quarter inch in from top edge. Roll paper over the tape. Now the paper is around the entire tube.

6.  Tie off one end with a ribbon of choice, fill the tube with the sweet/toy, note, and crown and then tie off the other end.

I hope you enjoyed this manicured, DIY post.  Happy holidays!


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