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DIY – Eyeing Little Planters

March 19, 2016

With a move upon us, I’m determined to use up some of my craft supplies rather than purchasing new ones. I already had some cute cacti planted in little pots that I wanted to spruce up, and these afforded a natural opportunity for a quick and easy DIY using the eye motif trend that’s recently made its way into home decor!


For those of you who love the look of the eye motif but would rather pick up something new versus a paint brush, see here. Seriously, though, this one is easy 😉

What You Need


Pot – any size

Paint – any color (I choose white)

Sponge/Paint Brush

Sharpie of any color – just pay attention to the pen’s tip size and angle

Plant of your choice

Get To Work

While I didn’t start with an empty pot (note that this would have made it easier to paint), I wanted to use items I already had on hand.  Whether your pot is empty or full, ensure the outside is clean and dry before applying your choice of paint. Once finished painting, allow it to dry thoroughly.  If multiple coats of paint are necessary, allow each to dry for at least one hour.


Even for those who consider themselves artists, draw out a few different eye shapes to get used to the pen.  I played around with winks, lashes, no lashes, open and closed eyes – use just one or mix them up (no rules here)!

Once the paint is dry, draw the eye motif of your choice on the pot and allow it to dry.



Once fully dry, style in your home. Try using one to perfect your shelfie (see my tips here) or placed on your nightstand!

I hope you enjoy this DIY post for your manicured home!

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