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Guide to Gift Wrapping

December 21, 2016

I typically go all out when it comes to Christmas. I simply can’t help it, I love the holidays!  We are headed to the family lake house for Christmas, as we did two years ago.  Back then, I waited until I was at the lake house to wrap gifts for my family. Unfortunately, I had to learn my lesson the hard way; I was surrounded by my family, and I had to pull away for hours on Christmas eve to gift wrap.  Since I like to add a little something extra to each present, this took me a little too long when everyone was in the other room having a good time together (valuable time).

This year will be different! While I don’t want to sacrifice on style or adding that little extra touch when it comes to my gift wrapping goals, I’ve got a new plan for this Christmas.

Here are a few simple ways to get your presents ready to be placed under the tree this holiday.

Wrap ahead of time even if it’s a bit at a time.  Just as you place the present under the tree, try adding a natural element with a simple snip from the underbelly of the tree. I love the contrast of a sprig against metallic paper!

Combine the tree clipping with a soft ornament as a gift topper; some simple twine can help to keep it in place. Want to do this ahead of time?  You won’t have to worry about the ornament breaking during travel.

Using craft paper is extremely affordable and provides a great backdrop to a natural or glam accessory. I used a light blue string to add just a touch of color with a wood snowflake ornament — the ornament is actually a wood decal that I found in the Target dollar section.

This year, I went with blues, golds, and a touch of metallic along with natural textures.  It kept the look cohesive but unique at the same time.

Alright, guys, take it from me and don’t wait until the last minute to wrap those presents; it will allow you to be stress-free and ready to enjoy what the holidays are really about — spending time with your loved ones.

I hope you enjoyed this manicured post. Happy holidays! That’s a wrap!

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