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August 31, 2015

Image Via: Julia Goodwin’s Home Tour

In need of  living room curtains, I looked to a simple project to provide a price friendly option. Looking back, this DIY was probably one of the fastest DIY projects I have completed. I love Ikea’s curtains — they can be heavy in weight and come in great lengths. Of course, their price point hits the mark!5D3_8593

Image Via: Julia Goodwin’s Home Tour

I love my bedroom IKEA curtains especially due to the dark color, which lets in only a small amount of light — perfect for catching those extra z’s.

white curtains

Image Via: Ikea

I needed curtains that had a nice weight to the material but were also the right length (they sell up to 118″ L), so it was an easy decision to go with IKEA curtains again. I wanted to flank either side of the window in the living room but keep it feeling light and open. I love curtains with grommets, making the panels easy to slide across a curtain rod. I selected these and was excited to add a little something extra.

pom pom colors

Image Via: Pom Pom Trim

Wanting to bring the navy blue color up into my curtains, I opted for a blue pom-pom trim. There are lots of options out there when it comes to a pom-pom trim, but I liked the navy blue the best with the size of the pom pom’s at .5″ea.

The pom-pom trim was relatively easy to sew on the panels. I turned on a good movie, picked up a needle and thread and started at the top edge of each panel — purposefully leaving the bottom edges untreated. The best part is you don’t have to be an expert seamstress to apply the trim. It’s as easy as sewing on a button! Just be sure when sewing the trim to sew back on the thread a few times at the beginning and end of each panel to secure it.

IMG_2184Image Via: Julia Goodwin Design

While you can find similar options ready-made, these are much more budget friendly, and I was able to get the exact color I wanted! Pom-pom trim adds a fun touch to the room, and by bringing the blue up the sides of the panels it draws the eye up which has the added effect of making the ceiling appear higher.

– I hope you love my now manicured curtains!

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