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DIY – Palm Leaf Easter Eggs

March 23, 2016

From clothing to wallpaper the palm motif has made a huge impact in the design world. With Spring here and faint memories of what Spring Break once was (I miss you younger years), tropical vacations have taken over my daydreams leading me to create this fun and tropical take on Easter eggs. I’ve been trying to use craft supplies that I have on hand as I’m apparently a hoarder of all things craft related, so I grabbed some markers and got to work. Nervous about mistakes? Use a pencil first to outline the print, and then go over the lines with your marker.

If you didn’t get a chance to check out the palm leaf motif, see it here. I think both of them look great together, so why not try out both!

Palm Leaf Easter Eggs




What You Need

Hardboiled, plastic or blow out eggs

Marker color of choice

Pencil – If you plan to draw your print out prior to picking up a marker


If you are a bit timid to draw out the palm print, I suggest picking up a pencil and drawing out the motif first. Use a marker that is sure to cover the pencil lines. If you mess up with the pencil, it actually erases pretty easily!

Will you attempt these manicured designs for your Easter hunt?


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