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Addressing the Details

December 8, 2015

Whether they include family pictures or a long letter with tidbits of what everyone in the family has been up to throughout the year, I love receiving holiday cards. Of course, there are cards with glitter and adorable penguins and reindeer but something that always catches my eye is how they are addressed.

So…you want the look of well addressed cards, but you just didn’t attend that calligraphy class as planned? Maybe you are rusty from your wedding invites, or maybe just maybe you simply just don’t have the time? Instead of addressing every single card to perfection, start with a selected few and see how you go. Turn on a movie that just needs to be played this time of year; I’m looking at you, Love Actually and The Holiday — and get going on those cards!

Here is some inspiration for quick ways to amp up your cards!

victorian card
Vintage Inspired – don’t have the Calligraphy skills? Try adding just the right stamps to complete the look!

red cardWhimsical – have fun with it, and mix up the fonts!

bold cardPump it up – at least put the last name of the recipient in a fun color!

wasi cardAdd Some Color – despite the font you use (don’t overthink it), add some fun with washi tape in holiday colors & fun stamps

dark cardGo Dark – Whether deep red, purple, or black make the name and address pop with winter white.

artist cardFor The Artist – Show off your talent in a fun way with a colorful sketch…um again, you may want to start with a select few.

Here are a few of my favorite things that I will be using this year to add some cheer to my holiday cards!


Gold dust, Heat tool, Reindeer StampPine Branch Stamp, Black Pen, Lettermate, Washi Tape

Will you be adding a manicured touch to your holiday cards?

Inspiration: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


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