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DIY – Botanical Easter Eggs

March 22, 2016

Easter pulls strong memories from childhood for me, not only of dyeing eggs but creating colors.  I loved the opportunity to be creative and to sit alongside my sisters; we made the biggest mess possible while my mother cringingly encouraged us as each egg splashed around in the colorful dye-filled cups.

While I still love those colorful options, I wanted to create a few decorating techniques that don’t require dye at all.  This is supposed to be fun; so don’t over-think it, and just let your creative side shine.

Botanical Easter Eggs





Pretty, right? I love how the dark background lets the flowers pop!

What You Need

Hardboiled, plastic or blow out eggs

Sharpie in your color of choice

Mod Podge – There are many finishes available!

Sponge Brush


Flowers – I simply cut up pages from bridal magazines


Cover your entire egg with the sharpie color you selected and let dry. While drying, cut out desired images. I loved how the green popped against the black ink, so I ended up adding more leaves than I initially thought I wanted.  Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the desired spot and then place the cut-out image directly on top, cover the image with a thin coat of mod podge. I used the back of the sponge brush to help push down and hold the image for a few seconds. Let them dry then apply more as you go. Don’t over think it; just have fun!

Once dry, display and enjoy!

If you try this technique to decorate your Easter eggs, I’d love to see them. If you have any questions please comment below!

Will you attempt these manicured designs for your Easter hunt? 

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