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The Perfect Accessory

January 10, 2016

What are perfect accessories? They’re items that belong in every home, despite the style.

Many times, when I discuss plants with a client, they love them or they hate them.  I’ve had clients refer to them as overgrown cat toys. Once introduced to the home, however, they realized the benefits immediately.  Let’s take a closer look at plants, shall we?

Plant Life

entry plant

Beyond texture and height; this plant, in a mid-century stand, brings a sense of life to the home from the moment you enter.


Get the look with this mid-century planter!

kitchen plant

In the heart of the home, the kitchen should get attention as well! Herbs or not, plants provide a welcome color and a feeling of freshness.


Get the look with this affordable option from IKEA!

bathroom plans

Large or small, plants are welcome accessories and can help create a spa-like feel in a bathroom. They help to break up the coldness of the space by making it more inviting.


In your common areas, such as the living room, I love the drama plants bring.  In my own home, the plant is visible from the moment you open the front door — inviting you into the room.  It also adds provides color, texture, and height to the space!
dining room

I love a dining room with drama! Try adding a can light at the base of the plant aiming upwards.  In the evenings, it will create gorgeous shadow play on the walls.

corporate office

Offices need love, too.  Besides, we spend more time here than we care to admit to ourselves. Make them enjoyable by bringing life to them. Even in this corporate space, a dressed up wall with air plants adds fun and energy.


Get the look with these beauties; easy to maintain – uh YES!

home office

Your home office shouldn’t just be filled with bills and to-do lists. Incorporate a plant or two to make it more inviting. By placing plants at varying levels, you’ll draw the eye upwards and around the workspace.

shelf plant

Want to create the perfect “shelfie” — my tips here? Incorporate a plant or two to add color, texture, and to bring your eye around the entire shelf rather than landing in one location.

As you can see, plants bring so much drama, height, color, and texture to spaces.  Above all else, they make a room feel more enjoyable from the energy they provide. Plus, plants are much cheaper to maintain than fresh cut flowers!

How and where will you add plants into your manicured home?

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