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Hit the Refresh Button

January 10, 2016

By now your holiday decor has been taken down, and your guests have returned home. Hopefully, your space is feeling clean and light, but maybe you are scratching that itch to change up your space yet again.

5 ways to refresh your home in the new year


Bedding: Normally, I keep my bedroom light and airy; but, since the weather has really cooled down and winter seems to finally be here, I can’t help but want to add some layers and to play with texture. I’m going to mix in this linen quilt with a  velvet duvet cover along with a chunky throw blanket (seriously so soft).


Rearrange: Ever since I was young, I remember rearranging my room. It brings new life, a new way of looking at things, and the energy is undeniable. You may just find yourself asking why you didn’t do this earlier! Oh, and it doesn’t cost a thing! Often, we make the mistake of thinking rearranging starts and ends with furniture – it doesn’t have to! Remember those rugs?  Try placing them in different locations to create a whole new look.

gallery wall

Artwork: If they are personal photos, try switching them out for those reflecting the season you are in – beach photos can be replaced by skiing photos, for example. Fine art that you love and want to continue to display can benefit from a rearrangement as well. Imagine it was never in its current position; maybe that living room artwork fits just perfectly in the hallway?

clean out


Get it Out: One of the most liberating feelings is when I’ve just purged my closet, pantry, craft supplies, file drawer, and sample bins. Seriously, it’s a natural high that is pretty unbeatable. It lets me enjoy the items that bring me the most happiness, it saves me time when looking for something, and it naturally goes hand in hand with organization.

pink door

Paint: Sure, you can address the walls, but why not the front door? The front door has two sides (obvi), so if a new color choice will throw off the curb appeal, adjust the inside of the door! You will smile every time you walk through!

Ready to hit the refresh button in your manicured home? I’d love to hear how and where!

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