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Sister, Sister Pour Me a Drink

December 11, 2015

The holiday season is here and having a small but close family, means lots of time up at our family lake house — days filled with hiking, games, eating, drinking and of course laughing.  My sisters and I all love to try out new recipes, and the guys love to be our sounding board.  

IMG_3275We all have a different role in the kitchen, and my little sister, Sarah, is the (amazing) mixologist of the group.

Sarah always comes up with a theme for the duration of the holiday when it comes to drinks.  At times, it’s using the same base (vodka, gin, tequila, etc) but it can also be something like ginger beer for her cocktail creations. What I like best is that her cocktails are not overcomplicated as there is always a crowd waiting for them!


There is nothing better than sitting around with a nice drink and catching up and telling childhood stories! I was craving some a drink with ginger and she whipped this one up for me in no time.


Spiced Poma


2 ounces of Vodka (Kettle One)

1 ounce of Pom juice

2 ounces of Bundaberg Ginger Beer (diet available)

Splash of soda water

Squeeze of on orange


A piece of crystallized ginger and the rind of an orange to finish it off before serving is the perfect garnish to complete the drink. Festive red, sure. A drink worth having any time of year, YES!


I love that Sarah takes control with the cocktails, they’re always a welcome item during the holidays when visiting with friends and family.


I love these cheeky cocktail napkins, they make the cutest hostess gift! Find them here.


Cheers everyone!

What manicured cocktail will you make this holiday?

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