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Why Waiting to Take Your Honeymoon Is Worth It

October 4, 2017

I’m one week back from our month long European honeymoon, and I feel energized, inspired, and rested. Our honeymoon consisted of four weeks traveling through Italy {Florence, the Cinque Terre, Rome, & the Amalfi Coast} and Paris – stay tuned for travel guides to each of these places!  Planning a dream trip like this took some time and deserved our attention to make sure we were able to see and do everything we wanted. Planning a wedding does too. So early on in the wedding planning process, we decided to put the big trip on the shelf for a year until we were able to give it the attention it deserved and required. It was a great decision for us, and here is why you too should consider taking your time before taking your honeymoon.

First, let’s get personal – why We Waited to Take Our Honeymoon.

The Mr. had his sabbatical from his company coming up, meaning he would gain one month of extra vacation time which needed to be taken consecutively. So, he was covered when it came to taking time off. For me, running my own business has some major perks squeezed in between all the hard work. With some major planning, luck, and gracious clients who were willing to wait for me to start projects, all worked out. Sometimes the stars align and two people meet. Sometimes they align again, and they get to take their dream vacation.

Our ideal honeymoon was the type of trip that would require us to pull away from work, which meant lots of planning before we even got close to leaving. The problem with this type of trip immediately following a wedding is that wedding planning, not to mention the event, already consumes substantial time and energy. So we waited. We waited one full year, celebrating our one-year anniversary on the Italian island of Capri.  It was hands down, 100% worth it. Here is why.

It let us focus on each other during our engagement.

Friends and family warned me that the engagement phase would by fast and that we should enjoy it. This is so true, and it’s difficult when you also have a long list of to-dos for your wedding and work. Not focusing on a big trip allowed us to slow down, savor this special time, and of course, plan the wedding.

Wedding Planning is no joke.

We were engaged for 8 months prior to our big day and it went whipping by at warp speed. Day one, I felt I had all the time in the world to plan the wedding, then it felt like the next week I was slapped with panic. All of which I was told were completely normal – sure. Even with the help of a wedding planner, there are still decisions to be made and things to do that all of a sudden are surrounding you. Of course, it’s also fun, and you want to make sure you have the time to make the 100 crafts that you are inspired by, create a few options for wedding cocktails, and enjoy your shower & bachelorette, etc.

How Your Wedding Registry Helps

Sure we registered for cutlery, pottery, etc. which we love. However, we also set up a registry with Zola, which allows guests to contribute to your honeymoon fund. I like this site over others as it allows your guests to pick and choose activities that you might add to your profile i.e. spa trip, cooking class, etc. In the end, you can use the money as you please and towards whatever your heart desires. It should come as no surprise when I tell you that you will feel like you are bleeding money planning a wedding. Having a registry with a site such as Zola is a great tool to get you one step closer to your dream honeymoon.

Mini-moon recommended.

You don’t have to book a trip to Hawaii or somewhere tropical, but I highly recommend that if you can afford it, you pack your bags and get away, even for a night or two. Spend some time doing absolutely nothing. Relax and just reminisce on the fun wedding you two just had.  Really don’t have any cash to do anything nice?  We love camping, and it doesn’t cost a lot – always a plus.

A case of the wedding blues?

I was warned about this… the wedding blues. You have just come off of planning an event for what seems like longer than you care to admit, and it’s over. done. finished. None of your friends or family are interested in going over and over all the details from your big day. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, but still. Some of you will rejoice, while others are excited to plan something else. For us, we were already talking about our European vacation which wouldn’t happen for another year.

Free time // Headspace // Planning // Budgeting

The wedding has come and gone and you have so much more time and headspace at your disposal.  You are no longer thinking of your color scheme or who will sit where etc. You now have the time to think; what does your dream trip look like? Do you want beach or mountains? Do you want to go for two weeks or three or longer? Once you narrow down where you two want to go, you can embrace the budgeting, planning, and prepare yourself for some time off on the work front.

I hope you enjoyed this manicured post. Happy honeymoon planning!



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