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How To Use Instagram To Plan Your Next Vacation

August 30, 2017

If you have been following along here on MML or on Instagram, then you are fully aware that the Mr. and I are headed to Italy for 3 weeks of pure bliss.  Three days prior to leaving we decided to add a week onto the trip – a week in Paris! There will be some days that are fully planned, but the majority of it will be relaxing and going at whatever pace we choose.  In order to make sure I get exactly what I want out of this trip, I turned to Instagram. I found it so usefu;l it only made sense to share what I have learned thus far.

As a blogger and small business owner, I use social media every day for work, but I also turn to it for tips on what and how to cook, what to read, and what to add to that bucket-list.  It can also be helpful when it comes to planning trips. In the past, I jumped from website to website checking recommendations and restaurants. While I love to use Pinterest {follow along here}, Instagram has become key for trip planning.

Whether you are looking for your next adventure or getting down to planning out all the gritty details, Instagram provides so much more than just pretty squares.

How To Use Instagram To Plan Your Next Vacation

first – become inspired:

Most likely you are due for a vacation, and Instagram is a great way to find inspiration for your next adventure. Whether you know where you are going or you are in need of some ideas, head to the search section and look under popular hashtags such as; #Travel #MyTinyAtlas #PassionPassport #Wanderlust #TravelGuide #NeverStopExploring #DarlingEscapes #GetLostClub #TravelDeeper or #ExploreMore. Of course I check hashtags for the places I have in mind and typically I will come across some popular ones for a certain area, such as the San Francisco hashtag; #MySF

bookmark it:

You most likely have noticed the little bookmark icon by now, but I was chatting with a group of friends the other day and they weren’t aware that there is a little detail that they were missing out on. When you see an image you want to save, simply do a long hold on the bookmark icon, and it will prompt you to store the image in a folder, keeping your saved images organized and in one spot. I’ve got folders that range from Italian restaurants to hotels to little boutiques.

dm them:

Whether you are already following or just discovered someone that is posting pics of places you are going, don’t be afraid to send them a direct message with your questions for quick and reliable answers – plus, you may get some additional tips you hadn’t thought to ask.  I’ve also used this method to get a hold of a hotel to double check accommodations and events.

follow along:

I love to follow the hotels, restaurants, or venues that I know I will be stopping at during my trip. It’s a great way to get insider information that I may have missed – such as discount codes, nights that they have live music, and other special events. A huge bonus is that it’s a reminder in my feed that I’m on my way to somewhere fun, where I will be creating new memories and will be on an adventure.

Want to save these tips? Follow along on Instagram {be sure to say hi} and save my insta image to this post in your bookmark folder, which is now appropriately titled for your upcoming adventure, of course.

study up: 

If you are like me and love taking photographs, then dive deeper than just a quick double tap on a photo that you come across on Instagram. I study images and discover why they speak to me in the first place. I pick up tips from other travel enthusiasts’ photos almost daily, i.e. what angles seem to work, what lighting do I gravitate to in photos, and what apps are great for editing particular photos. It makes taking and looking back on photos that much more enjoyable. My favorite editing app, hands down, is Snapseed – one of my favorite features is its “transform”, which allows you to change the perspective of your photo – great for capturing those tall SF homes.

Images:  girl on plane // Italy // Morocco // flat lay // globe {from our Burlingame remode, take by Elena Graham as well as the featured image}

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