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Going Old School In Burlingame, California

August 19, 2017

When my clients first purchased their home, upon leaving San Francisco for Burlingame, they selected a fixer-upper in a great location, a home with potential that would allow their family of four to grow.  The home needed a zone that the family could come together, where arts and crafts, school work, and of course cooking meals could take place and stand up to their needs.

One of the best parts of being an interior designer is that I get to create spaces that families will make memories in. Not to get all mushy on you, but going through photos of a project is always bittersweet.  Luckily, I think this home will keep on growing, and another project is not far down the road for them.

p.s. stay tuned for the reveal of the bathroom remodel

Introducing: Going Old School in Burlingame

{ A charming hutch with a hand painted back panel pulls the green around the room. }

{ A simple bud vase from Heath Ceramics takes in the light that pours into the kitchen. }

{ The Alameda Point Antiques Fair  [ see my shopping guide to the antique fair here ] is full of treasures like this red desk that sits across from the kitchen island, perfect for paying bills or as a perch for the kids to finish up homework. }

{ Two tone cabinetry and countertops keep the kitchen feeling fresh while grounding the different work zones. }

{ Just the necessities but in bright, sunny colors; these keep the home feeling vibrant and welcoming – just like my client’s personality. }

{ Fireclay Tile in a classic subway pattern and a rich green tone sets the stage for the fun yet relaxed space. }

{ Tiny birdhouses adorn the fence in view of the kitchen table, making for the perfect morning entertainment. }

{ A sweet reminder to the clients’ two little girls that the world is for them to discover. }

{ Metal sheeting on the side of the refrigerator allows the children to keep their own rotating gallery wall in view. }

{ There is nothing overly precious about this home; it’s approachable, livable, and warm. }

{ A navy knitted knapsack that holds chalk is ready when inspiration takes hold. }

Thinking of giving your home some love with a remodel or a refresh? We would love to hear from you, contact us here.

See more of our work by visiting the JGD portfolio.

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  • Alyssa Rome October 23, 2019 at 8:20 am

    hi – i am using this kitchen as my inspo for redoing my own kitchen – but mostly for the green tiles. do you happen to know what tiles these are so that i can search for them? thank you!

    • julia goodwin February 18, 2020 at 9:55 am

      Hi Alyssa,
      So happy to hear this project will be a source of inspiration for your own home. The green tile is from Fireclay Tile, love them! Fireclay has a lot of green options, but the one we used is called Kelp from their recycled clay body collection.

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