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My Clickable Sunday

July 9, 2017

The weather is heating up again in San Francisco, and we have been taking full advantage of it. Yesterday, we hit the pavement for an urban hike – one of my favorite things to do in SF. Sure, a hike in the woods is grand, but walking among the beautifully painted Victorians and Edwardians on a warm day gets me every time. No matter how many times I have walked the same path, there is always something new to be noticed – sometimes it’s a new bar {stay tuned, I’ll feature a new one this week} or a secret garden stuck between two old homes and overgrown with blooms of all shades.  With each day that we treat ourselves to slow down and take it in, you will without a doubt return home inspired. Here’s to slowing down.

As always, here are the links from the week that left me smiling, inspired, and motivated.

{{ I can’t stop collecting mugs, and I think I need to add some of these beauties to my collection.

{{ Hung on a wall or placed on a coffee table – a perfect summer home decor accessory.

{{ Easy toast recipes for your casual Sunday bites to the next level.

{{ Decorate your porch with these tips – just in time for warm weather and guests.

{{ The ultimate summer movie round-up.

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