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Scenes From The Week

March 9, 2017

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of everyday life; who doesn’t have a long list of to-do items? That list that hangs over us week after week can be daunting, right? This week was different, though, and a simple change made a huge impact on my week.  Sure, I go to the gym daily and that can be considered as “me time,” but even that feels like one of those daily items that needs a check mark next to it.  The issue is that I simply love what I do and can easily get wrapped up in work and let the week fly by.

So, this week I carved out some time to take our dog, Rufus, (who is getting up there in age and is starting to slow down – sadness) around the neighborhood. That one hour we spent walking around and just hanging out at the park with a coffee in the early morning, while it was still quiet, started my week off right.

What do you do to carve out “me time” in your daily or weekly routine?

As always, here is my week in photos.

{Above: Picked up my favorite Heath mugs.}

{Just Rufus and I with Dolores Park to ourselves.}

{Currently obsessed with all of the tulips I can get my hands on.}

{All the pretties lined up for the picking.}

{Stopped in Play Mountain East and left inspired.}

I hope you have a lovely, manicured weekend.

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