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A Day Trip To Capitola, CA

June 13, 2016

Living in the Bay Area provides wonderful opportunities for quick day trips – whether to the mountains, the wine country, or the coast – the list goes on. We hit the road on Saturday, driving from San Francisco, with an agenda of simply strolling along a little coastal town and popping into galleries and shops. With Capitola about an hour and a half away, we set off for the beach, sunshine, and sand.

If you have the time, make the drive along the coast that will get you into the warm summer vibe of the day. Upon arriving in Capitola, take in the little bungalows with bougainvillea greeting you at every turn. Capitola is a quiet beach town, compared to Santa Cruz, where you will find a younger and livelier crowd. Rarely is Capitola beach overly busy, but it is enchantingly sprinkled with colorful umbrellas and sandcastle artists. The colorful cottages placed along the sandy edge provide a European feel. The beach town is exactly what one would expect and want – eateries, galleries, clothing boutiques, and home stores offer all the perusing one wants. If you crave more of an active day – there are paddleboards, surfboards, and kayaks to get you out on the water.

With Capitola Beach on your left, be sure to take the time to stroll along the dirt path on the right-hand side of the bridge, winding you in front of quaint waterfront homes. Each one unique in their own way, some choose to use their homes for art installations while others’ let their gardens take center stage.Photo Jun 11, 4 10 12 PM

Photo Jun 11, 4 20 29 PM

Photo Jun 11, 3 50 30 PM

Photo Jun 11, 3 03 11 PM

Photo Jun 11, 3 05 11 PM

Photo Jun 12, 2 10 29 PM

Photo Jun 12, 12 46 38 AM

Photo Jun 11, 2 45 32 PM

Photo Jun 11, 2 50 30 PM

Photo Jun 11, 2 53 56 PM

Photo Jun 11, 2 55 41 PM

Photo Jun 11, 3 02 50 PM

Photo Jun 11, 4 20 08 PM

Photo Jun 11, 4 35 09 PM

Photo Jun 11, 4 35 23 PM

I’m simply in love with Capitola — the perfect manicured day trip.

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