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MySF – Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

May 2, 2016

In a time when binge watching with tempting TV shows and mini-series have been keeping movie-goers at home, the Alamo Drafthouse will have you leaving the sofa and back in the theater.  Brad and I couldn’t have been more excited when we heard the news of the Alamo opening up in SF.  Having originated in Austin, Texas it was the theater to visit for Brad during his college days. While dinner and a movie is not a new concept for an evening out, the Alamo combines the two in the newly remodeled theater.

alamo 5

Besides seeing the result of the renovation, part of the reason I wanted to go to the Alamo was that I was simply intrigued by the thought of waiters coming to my seat without being in the way of other patrons, to see how this “dance” would work. With orders placed prior to the show and food & drinks coming out shortly after there is little chance of one being in the way, though the waiters scoot along low enough to never obstruct your view or anyone else’s’. Squats anyone? Want more to eat or drink half way through the show? Simply raise a card on your table with your request penciled in with the help of a little light below your table and your wish is their command. The Alamo Draft House focuses on your movie going experience, letting the movie take center stage while you enjoy drinks from an extensive list and a menu with enticing and food options that a San Franciscan would expect.

With a STRICT no-tolerance rule for cell phone use (of any kind) and chatting through the show you also won’t hear a peep from advertisements before the movie begins – it is all about the movie and good bites.

The Old and The New

new mission

With a renovation costing $10 million, the Alamo Drafthouse stands today in one what was once one of San Francisco’s great theater houses – The New Mission. This renovated theater should be fully admired from the plaster details to the carpet that was replicated after a scrap from the original theaters carpet was found.  Want to grab a drink prior to the movie, a bar on the lower level doesn’t disappoint!

alamo 2

alamo 3

alamo 4

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Dinner brought to you while you catch the latest flick, what’s not to love on your manicured date night? 

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