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Currently Obsessing – IKEA’s Viktigt Collection

April 17, 2016

IKEA hacks are popping up everywhere to the point where it is starting to feel like a sport.  New lines, like the Viktigt collection launching at IKEA, are so gorgeous that hacks won’t be needed. Something to keep in mind though as you start to fall in love with what’s to come this May – it’s a limited release, so you will have to act fast as these items are sure to be snatched up! The theme behind this new line is going back to the basics — a collection between IKEA and Ingegerd Raman, one of the most famous glass designers and ceramicists from Sweden.  

In addition to gorgeous ceramics, the line features furnishings of simplistic design made of natural fibers such as rattan and bamboo. The designers/craftsmen, alongside Ingegerd Raman, aimed to use as little material as possible while creating comfortable seating. Even the lighting was made of a natural element – bamboo – and are constructed in Vietnam, in a style reminiscent of a traditional Vietnamese hat.

ikea 1 ikea 3 ikea 4 ikea 5 ikea 6 ikea 7 ikea 8

ikea 9

What do you think? Will you include any pieces from this collection in your manicured home? 

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