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Design Tips – Why Patterned Tile Works

February 23, 2016

The SF Tree House Project is a four-story home that will be clean, bright, and express the fun personality of the client. Last week I introduced you to the project starting with the entry that features a gray pattern tile in a hexagon shape (see here). The client was apprehensive to use patterned tile at first, but I’m so glad they came around as it will add to the wow factor as soon as you walk in the front door.

If you are considering using patterned tile in your home, let’s dive in to see how to use it and why.

Pattern In The Bathroom

pattern tile bathroom

This calming tile in a neutral color pallet is what dreams are made of. They took the floor tile all the way into the basin of the shower, making the bathroom appear larger than it actually is. The patterned tile adds personality, and yet, a look that one won’t tire of.

box tile

From the floor to the wall, this tile, in particular, provides depth to the bathroom and is unsurprisingly a conversation starter. If you want the look but fear you may get tired of it, skip it in the master and use it in a smaller powder bathroom for a sure way to WOW your guests.

scallop tile

This scalloped concrete tile is beyond gorgeous, drawing your eye around the room with is elegant curves. A dark tile like this is perfectly executed in a room filled with natural light, where it can tie in dark fixtures within the space (faucets, hardware, and accessories)

bathroom tile floor

If adding patterned tile into a bathroom that includes another tile, try using a clean and simple tile (such as subway tile) to allow the pattern to be the showstopper of the room without overwhelming it.

Pattern In The Kitchen

moorish backsplash

A gorgeous display of textures (flooring, sink, cabinet doors), patterns within a natural color pallet to create a classic and bright kitchen. The backsplash provides a hint of an ethnic feel by providing a dose of unexpectedness.

patterned niche

Use pattern tile to draw attention to an architectural feature in your home. I love how the blue color is brought up from the cabinets and into the backsplash within the arch! It provides a gorgeouse balance between the two brick colors and the texture found in the room.

area rug tile

If you have wood floors in your home but refuse to place them in the kitchen, try using a graphic and classic pattern like this one to help anchor the space and put your worries at bay without sacrificing on style.

Pattern In The Entry

narrow entry

Even in small spaces, pattern tile can bring your space to life. Add an element of surprise and style the moment you walk through the door.

black and white entry

While this is a bold pattern and one might think it would overwhelm a narrow entry, it does exactly the opposite. This tile tricks the eye into making it appear wider than it actually is.  Imagine, a long narrow patterned tile placed vertically — that would make it feel like an alley way and push you towards the stairs.

brown tile

Patterned tile can be an easy way to add drama to space, mixing patterns to create an unforgettable place. If mixing patterns, try using them in the same tone to unite them and not overwhelm.

Are you ready to introduce patterned tile into your manicured home?


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