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Now, This Is A Super Bowl

February 4, 2016

Here in San Francisco, you can’t go anywhere without being reminded that the Super Bowl is upon us. Yet, I can still bring it back to interior decor without representing one team’s colors.  I’ve rounded up some fun ways for you to get the bowls out of the cupboard and out on display.

dough bowl in entryThis Hungarian bread bowl is put to use for keeping sparkling water cool – perfect for hosting an event without rolling out an ugly cooler.


I love this massive bowl in an entryway; it’s used as a the perfect vessel to bring in texture and height.

desk bowl

I love having a bowl in a workspace as a catch-all for things that provide good energy and inspire.

wood bowl

A simple wood bowl to hold keys and other small items provides texture and warmth to a space.

bowls on wall

Take the bowls off the counter and place them on a wall to introduce color, texture and depth while creating visual interest.

cement bowl

Make a statement with an oversized bowl. Whether filled or left empty, it will be a conversation piece.

bowl in kitchen

A natural wood bowl looks right at home next to a bathtub, where it acts as a catchall for any luxe items needed.

bowl in entry

I love this bowl as the centerpiece in this entryway. Simple, clean, and a statement piece.

bowl planter

I love this SUPER bowl used as a planter.  Take the idea indoors to plant succulents, and it will work year round in your home.

Are you ready to reuse those bowls in the cupboard of your manicured home?

Inspiration Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

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