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Making The Rounds

January 25, 2016

Using mirrors to amp up a space is not a new decorating trick. When used correctly, they can bring more light into a space to make it feel larger, or they can trick the eye into making ceilings seem higher. Although there are millions of design options for mirrors, I’m drawn to round ones lately.

While I love clean lines, this is a welcome look in my book. Inspo needed? Here are a few spaces I love.

Round up your bathroom.

bathroom mirror

While the mirror is the focal point, the circle shape is repeated in the stools, planters, drain, and plumbing.

wallpaper background

This simple, framed mirror is the perfect compliment to gorgeous wallpaper.

large mirror bath

Large and in-charge, this oversized mirror provides a beautiful canvas to gaze into every day.

fem bathr roudn

Side by side, round mirrors provide depth and gorgeous detail to this feminine bathroom.

Round up your entry.

entry round

Simple, yet it makes a big statement.

traditional entry

This mirror is the perfect fit to break up the clean lines.  Despite the small space, it feels anything but squished.


How can you not look at the mirror in this entry and smile? By mimicking the curves found in the wallpaper design, this mirror serves as the perfect compliment.
shelf mirror

This look is so easy to replicate by simply hanging a mirror and then attaching a pegged board for a sleek and functional entry.

Round up your home.


Rather than placing artwork, a round mirror is a great way to break up the long lines of a credenza — bouncing light and creating a nice balance overall.

belt mirror

A mirror placed in the corner breaks up the lines of this space and tricks the viewer into believing the room is larger.

desk mirror

Above the desk is the perfect place for a round minimalist mirror; it doesn’t overwhelm the workstation, and it provides a beautiful view from the window behind the chair to keep the space gorgeous and functional!

Are you ready to add a round mirror in your manicured home?

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

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