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Craft Night 101: Planning the Perfect Party

October 26, 2015

If you are like me you have a million ideas for DIY projects yet you put them to the back of your mind to try out (see “DIY…need that rainy day“) later. Now is the time to tackle that project! From a glitter pumpkin to refinishing hardware, it can all be done with your friends (and maybe a glass of wine, or two)!  One of my favorite things to do is to invite a bunch of girlfriends over for craft night. Before you panic, these parties don’t require art degrees, years of past DIY projects or boxes full of supplies. These can be as simple or elaborate as you like!

Time to Get Crafty


No matter the theme of the craft party, I work with the same layout.

Get prepped

  1. Invite – I send out a casual invite, as early as possible – we are all busy and if your friends are anything like me, they have their calendars scheduled hour by hour each day.
  2. Craft – If possible, give it a trial run!
  3. Food and Drink –  I half make and half buy whatever I serve — especially if it’s a weekday event!
  4. Guests – Give em the low down!
  5. Decor – Simply use what you have and then pull in something unexpected.invite to paper

Keet it Easy & Fun

Invite – Create a facebook event or paperless post invite and provide details on the craft night. For example, if it involves a messy craft, let them know to bring an apron or appropriate clothing.


Craft – It can be anything and everything from trying out the latest braided hairstyles to valentine card making or ornament designs. You are the host! I would like to stress the importance of making the craft yourself prior to your party, especially if it’s a tricky one. This not only allows you to provide the steps to your guests with ease, but it also ensures you have everything you need to complete it. Example: Decorating pumpkins – see here


Reduce stress & prep ahead!

Food and Drink – While I love to cook, I typically host these on a weeknight, and it’s tough to get it all done after work.

Food – My rule of thumb is; a cheese plate, one hot item (mini quiche from your local freezer section), one homemade dish – Caprese bites that can be made ahead of time (rotate ingredients on toothpicks and serve).


Drinks – Who doesn’t love a signature cocktail? I recommend one that is pre-made – I love having them already bottled – freeing you up to be the hostess with the mostest (try this one). Sparkling water and wine (red and white) should suffice. I always suggest having more than you think you will need. Trust me, you and your guests will be chatting, and both the night and the bottles will go by quickly.

Guests – They will often ask what can they bring. So sweet, right? Tell them a bottle of wine to share or a small bite dessert that won’t have to go in the oven. You don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen or to have your guests monitoring the cooking; they should be there to enjoy the event! If they have something specific in mind, ask if there is anything you would need to supply – bowls, etc. so you can have it prepared.


How easy is this? Switch it up and use anything from succulents to craft supplies.

Decor – I love fresh flowers, but I also try to incorporate something different into the decor. Hair party? Place colorful hair bands into clear pots in varying heights. Pumpkin decorating? Use the pumpkins you plan to use (and more) on the table tops. Card making? Place out beautiful examples that you have done preparing. Easy items, cute napkins and adorable paper straws (here, here).

Craft night; it’s simply an evening of chatter, good bites, delicious wine and quite possibly a craft that came out just right. While I invite a group over, they don’t necessarily all know each other beforehand. Hopefully, everyone leaves with a small craft project they can proudly display in their home and some new friends.

I hope you are inspired for a well-manicured craft party with your friends!

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