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Mixing Metals to Mix up the Kitchen

October 19, 2015

Rose Gold and Stainless Steel

Afraid to take the plunge and mix it up? Take a look how these kitchens to help find the balance.

When I first meet with a client, clothing always comes up. While this may come as a surprise to you, what one wears often provides a strong sense to what they may want in their interior. From the colors and textiles the client wears, to the accessories they layer on. Look around, notice any similarities to the inside of your closet within your home?

Some of us are mix masters while others play it safe. One way is not necessarily wrong, but I’ve always admired the one who can mix two unexpected things yet make it appear as if there was no other way.

Currently, one of my clients is in the beginning phase of his kitchen remodel in San Francisco. His Victorian home is full of character, which we love, yet it needs to reflect HIS character and personality. He is fun and ready to make his home current yet one appliance is going to stay with the design — a stainless steel fridge — while everything else will be new! Drawn to mid -century modern, we are exploring finish options and mixing it up!

Let’s take a look at how mixing metals can work in kitchens.

Brass and Stainless Steel

Brass and stainless

This is, a favorite for me; I love seeing the mix here! The brass finish helps to warm up the mostly white and grey kitchen. This combo speaks volumes to me, and I plan to incorporate this along with some color into a current project in San Francisco.

Stainless Steel and Wrought Iron

wrought iron

This metal mix is perfectly executed! The dark countertops reflected in the wrought iron hardware on the cabinets pull the whole look together while the stainless steel fridge is balanced by the sink in the island.

Copper and Stainless Steel


I love the mix of stainless steel with copper. This homeowner went bold with the lighting, but look beyond and view the large copper sheet behind the stove. They didn’t quit with mixing metals; different colors (navy, white and grey) as well as different wood tones (flooring and butcher block counters) make a rich statement. Go bold or go home?!

Start Small with Mixing

pots metals

As I mentioned, I look to clients to see how they dress as an insight to what they might be drawn to within their interiors. While some go all out in everything they wear, some play it up with accessories. The pots on display are the perfect example of playing with what you have to mix it up if you are still feeling timid.

Are you as ready as I am to mix it up in your manicured spaces?

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