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Design My Clickable Sunday

My Clickable Sunday

November 19, 2017

This week I took a uber pool to pick up my car from the mechanic {yet, again} and the other passenger and driver were having the discussion on if it’s too soon to start celebrating Christmas when Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened. The other passenger felt very strongly that anything Christmas related should wait until after Turkey Day, the driver was pretty silent on his opinion. A moment later, we dropped her off and on came, All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey. The driver turned to me and asked me what I thought on the matter, I told him to turn it up. He and I sang way too loud but merrily all the way to the mechanic. That ride left a smile on my face even after I got the bill for my car.  Are you one for celebrating Christmas early or are you waiting till after Thanksgiving?

As always, the links that made me smile, feel inspired and due to the season some tips for tackling Thanksgiving.

{{ The lovely home of Madewell’s lead designer.

{{ Just in time for Turkey Day – 11 Skills Every Amature Chef Should Know.

{{ Alyssa Rosenheck is an inspiring photographer and stylist that I love to follow on Instagram. Her article on time management stuck with me this week.

{{ Need to bring something to Thanksgiving and you hate to cook? Trader Joes has items that you can bring – put it into a nice dish and you are set, no joke.

{{ Want to actually make something for Turkey Day? Then ignore link above and make this stunning fall salad instead.

{{ A light-filled loft in Amsterdam that will have you daydreaming through the holiday.


Images: Leaves // Pie // Sweater // Table


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