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Design Tips to Embrace in The New Year

January 2, 2017

New Years naturally brings up the conversation of resolutions or goals that we set for ourselves. Recently, my older sister was telling me how it’s been almost a year since she and her husband purchased their home, and she still hasn’t hung up any artwork. As we moved ahead on her to-do list, she naturally was feeling overwhelmed by all the design goals she had set for herself.  So, why not share the tips I gave to her and what I am applying in my own home with you?

It goes without saying that a fresh start can be rewarding in so many ways. There is nothing that I love more than a good clean out of the home, but these design tips go beyond that; they won’t all be on conquered in a day but rather are tips to be mindful of all year.

Remove It

Remove all items that cause you stress or disturbance; i.e. a table that doesn’t fit properly and you are waiting to find the right one. Removing it will allow you to become more open to a new option and make it a higher priority since you don’t have a placeholder. Plus, why keep something that bothers you and that is in your line of sight day after day?

Wants vs. Needs

Narrowing down ahead of time the necessary items versus wants will help you keep focus as those wanted items pop up again and again.

Beautifully Organized

Whether it’s a basket that holds all the shoes by the front door or a tray on your nightstand, containing and finding a home for all of your items keeps stress at bay, so why not do it in a beautiful way?

Update Your Photos

It’s likely you have a couple thousand photos sitting on your phone. Get them off of your handheld device and up on your walls. Take note of the sizes needed and get those gorgeous photos printed and switched out for your current ones.  This makes for an affordable and game changing update.

Desk Goals

Of course, you can expect some ups and downs this year, and most likely while sitting at your desk. Bring in items that can soothe you and bring you joy. A beautiful desk calendar, stunning pen, a candle of choice, and notepads are always in my rotation. If I’m going to be stuck behind the desk for hours, these few items always help when the hours crawl by.

Switch It Up

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to save money, it doesn’t mean your home has to stay the same. Work with what you have by rotating artwork, rugs, furniture, and even throw pillows. It can bring new life to a space without costing a penny.

The Power of Paint

 The power of paint is real; you can update your home or even a piece of furniture with a can of paint.  A few months back, I transformed our non-working fireplace tile surround with a few easy steps – see our fireplace transformation and the guide on how to get the look, here.

Hang It Up

There is nothing that makes a house feel more like a home than the moment art is hung on the walls. So, if you are looking at a lot of blank walls, it’s time to showcase your personality with your art choice.

Which of these manicured design tips are you ready to embrace in the new year? 

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