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A Valentines Day Treat

January 31, 2017

Look, it wasn’t that long ago that I was single and hitting the town, going on horrible dates, strangely weird dates, or just simply, not-so-great dates.  You are told to put yourself out there, which you do; if you work for yourself, there is little other time for in-person interaction unless you are headed to a bar or are meeting up with friends. Even then, you likely would prefer to spend time with your friends rather than the strangers around you or that might walk through the door. With the swipe to the right on a dating app {yep, that one}, I met my future husband.  Trust me, though, those single days are not forgotten. Don’t get me wrong, being single had its wonderful moments that I cherished, but I remember clearly that Valentine’s Day wasn’t always a great day.  This year, why wait for someone to gift you something to make your Valentine’s Day special?

All of that stuff mentioned above basically leads me to one simple reminder {that we all need to hear from time to time} and one my sisters and I told each other whenever we needed to hear it; “you deserve it”.  Becuase you and I do!  So, whether you are spending the day with someone you love or you are spending it on your own, with your friends, siblings, a four-legged love, or with Bridget Jones: remember that.  And, why not give yourself a little treat to remind you of how wonderful you are?

You Deserve It.

Treat yourself to any of these items by clicking the images below!

I hope you have a lovely, manicured Valentines Day; remember, you deserve it!

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