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Styling the Unused Fireplace

August 4, 2016

Having recently moved from a rental with one non-working fireplace into our first home, we now have two fireplaces.  It’s San Francisco, though, so we still don’t have one that works. Not a huge surprise, as often the Victorian and Edwardian homes in San Francisco no longer have working fireplaces. You can fight it, throw money at it, or embrace it!  As an interior designer it’s not the first time I’ve dealt with this situation, so whether it’s non-functional, there are too many clear-air days, the fireplace was never built for actual use, or you simply don’t want to build a fire – fear not, you can use it in multiple stylish ways.

The best part is, you most likely already own the items to create your new favorite spot in the house!

my fireplace

City living typically means becoming creative with storage solutions – I choose to keep my records on hand but also on display by placing them within the non-working fireplace.

colorfull logs

The easiest DIY project that provides an unexpected use of color!

dog bed fireplace

Give your furry friend an unexpected spot in the house.

pretty fireplace

Create a dreamy and cozy look with birch logs, eucalyptus, and string lights.

wine in fireplace

Now this is an idea I can get behind!


Create a story with a small vignette.

mirror in fireplace

Add a touch of glam with a mirror and reflective accessories to allow light to bounce off of it.

plant in fireplace

With an oversized fern in a non-working fireplace, you’ll add visual interest and texture.

pink fireplace

Use what you already have – place a stool/table to pull out when you have guests, bring in color with accessories and flowers.

I hope you feel inspired to put that unused fireplace to good use in your manicured home.

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