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Currently Obsessing Design

Currently Obsessing – Nailed It!

March 17, 2016

Nailheads are popping up more than ever in home decor these days to bring in texture, sheen, and to create interesting patterns. You’ve likely seen nailheads as an accent to the perimeter of a sofa or chair, but have you seen them used like this?

Nailheads On Hardwood 

nailhead floorIn this case, forget adorning furniture with nailheads altogether and create a faux runner by placing them down a hallway along the floor.

Nailheads on Runners

nailhead carpet

I love how rich this landing is; the detailed use of nailheads on the edge of the runner provides an elegant touch.

Nailheads To Create Patterns on Upholstery

nailhead sofa skirt

While you may expect to see nailheads placed on a sofa’s perimeter and arms, try using them to create a pattern and to bring an unexpected touch that is creative and impactful.

Nailheads on the Wall

nailhead wallI love the use of nailheads on the walls to create texture, patterns and bring in a sheen of choice!

Nailheads on Drapery

nailhead drapery

Use nailheads to add a feeling of luxe to a space or to tie two elements together, as shown above, with this vanity and drapery treatment.

Nailheads to the Ceiling
nailhead ceiling

With the use of nailheads and a template, a stunning yet subtle design was created for this dining room.

nailheads on doors

Bring cupboard doors to life in a home office.

Face to Face with Nailheads

nailhead mirror

Love this nailhead inspired mirror!

red crendenza

Imagine this without the nailheads – nowhere near as eye-catching!

nailhead letter

Love this DIY project!

Are you ready to add nailheads to  your manicured home in an unexpected and eye-catching way?

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Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,  9, 10, 11


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