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Design Tips – 10 Ways to Use a Half Can of Paint

March 28, 2016

If you are like me, it’s likely that you have a few half cans of paint laying around waiting for some potential DIY projects or for touch-up paint jobs down the road.  Here are my top ways to get the last drop out of that paint can and into your home in a fun and creative way. Read on but be warned, you will want to grab a paintbrush and get to work asap on a new project!

Ready to get started?

paint colors

Dip Into It

dipped chairs

dipped table

Use color in a fun and unexpected way by giving furniture the dipped look.  While this may be something you have seen before, the possible  combinations are endless.


ombre wall

ombre wall 2

Whether starting from the top, the bottom, the left or the right, ombre is a look that is here to stay.

Pump Your Stairs Up

stairs and ombre

pattern stairs

Incorporate an ombre effect as mentioned above but on your stairs.  Alternatively, break out some painter’s tape to create a pattern of choice!

Half Way

half way up

half painted

messy line

Can’t commit to an entire wall of color?  Go half way, and don’t even worry about making a clean line!

Splash on walls

splatter 1

splatter 2

Even in black and white, a touch of paint can be as bold as you desire.

Painted Furniture


painted furniture

Create patterns, or just go wild; don’t be afraid to let your personality come through.

Painted Doors

painted door

moroccan inspired

Create an element of surprise in doorways or on the door itself!

Painted Headboard

painted headboard

headboard 2

No headboard? No problem! Anchor the bed by creating a faux headboard with the use of paint.  Whether painting high or low or painting a unique shape, the possibilities are endless.

Painted Bookshelves

yellow bookshelf

bookshelf green

Give a dull bookshelf a pop of color to bring a space to life.

Painted Rug

painted runner

zebra rug

Create a faux rug or runner, or add your own touch to an existing one.

Are you ready to use up that half can of paint in your manicured home?

For more designer tips, inspiration and a peek into my ongoing design projects, follow me on Instagram!

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