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Anchor Your Home with Something Bold

February 20, 2016

The other day, a girlfriend and I were chatting about whether she should purchase a sofa with a bold color or play it safe and go neutral.  Personally, I’ve used sofa’s with saturated colors in my own home; this one in my office keeps the space from falling flat and, instead, keeps it full of energy.

Fearful that you won’t be able to switch it up if you have a bold sofa? When the times comes for a refresh, rearrange accessories, the rug, throw pillows and blankets, artwork, or, even your lamp shade!

Ready to fall in love with a large, colorful piece of furniture?  Yeah, I thought so.  Anchor a space and allow your personality to shine through.

Using Color and Loving it!

emerald green

Green is definitely having a moment (mint green is, too – see here).  This sofa pops off of the white walls. Yet, with fun throw pillows, colorful artwork, rugs, and books, it is balanced and draws the eye around (making the room appear larger). If you were to just use a green sofa without color elsewhere, your eye would only land there.

Get The Green Look

ikea green

Go bold without the price commitment; this IKEA sofa is just under $1k

blue sofa

This room is sure to be a memorable one with layers that give depth and balance to the room.  Go bold, or go home!

blue velvet modern

I love how visual richness of this sofa, from Wayfair. As an owner of a blue velvet sofa, it is the number one thing my friends and family alway mention when they discuss my home.

yellow sofa

This yellow sofa is sure to be a sunny spot despite what’s happening outside. How could you not smile in this room?

yellow sofa houzz

This yellow sofa is soft yet stunning.

pink sofa

Still nervous to pick a colorful sofa? Try a pastel hue that’s softer on the eye and still dreamy as ever.

pink sofa tufted

This sofa is calling me! A perfect addition to any space.

jewle tone

This rich jewel tone living room is elegant and glam!

eggplant sofa 2

I love this sofa with its fixed back and overstuffed seat; it looks perfect to snuggle up in.

Are your ready to use a bold colored sofa in your manicured home?

Need further assistance in your home? To find out more about Julia Goodwin Design’s services, see here or contact me here.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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