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Design Home Tours

Home Tour: Charming & Modern Home

August 7, 2017

As a designer, I never want to be put into a box or to be considered a one trick pony. I like the idea that you may not notice that a design is mine when you first look at it – after all, the design is about the home and the client, not about me. I’m drawn to many different styles and love that I can express them all in my own way thanks to clients that trust me to do…

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Design My Clickable Sunday

My Clickable Sunday

{ A ridiculously easy and festive cocktail for 4th of July { Since we are going on a fun trip {see here} I found this useful when it came to finding flights deals – be sure to bookmark it. { Taking a look into…

July 2, 2017
Design Home Tours

Nordic Meets Rustic in Barcelona

I have been bitten by the travel bug, and it is all I can think about outside of work as of late. The Mr. and I are busily planning a trip abroad, and while we haven’t exactly nailed down where we will be visiting…

May 8, 2017
Design Home Tours

An Australian Black and White Coastal Home

It must be a sign that I need a vacation that each home tour that I want to share with you is near the water, in warm weather, and typically found Down Under. I haven’t been back to Australia since I was a kid, and…

March 22, 2017
Design Scenes From The Week

Scenes From The Week

San Francisco was hit hard with rain and there is more to come this weekend.  With all this rain, it’s been calling for get-togethers and indoor activities. It has been years since either the Mr. or I had gone bowling and while SF has…

February 24, 2017

Into the Deep

Dark finishes and walls have been pulling me in as of late. Often these create moody spaces; at other times they create crisp rooms — either way, they grab my attention. Sure, white rooms are airy and gorgeous, but should the black sheep be…

January 18, 2016

Off the Wall Art

From drool-worthy gallery walls to bold statement art, we are used to seeing art placed on walls.  What if we take the art we love so much off of those walls and admire it from a different perspective? These are my favorite moments —…

January 12, 2016

A Calendar That is Never Out of Date

Every year my family expects to find a calendar on my wish list for Christmas. I love that each month there is a new piece of art for my office! At the end of the year, I simply can’t bring myself to throw them…

December 31, 2015

My Manicured Life

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