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Your Own Winter Wonderland

January 5, 2016

winter home

For many of you, there is snow on the ground and a chill in the air, leaving no doubt that winter has set in.  This January, it somehow seems harder than ever to put away the holiday decor.  There are many simple ways add winter whites to your home without making it feel cold and sterile.

Simple tips and inspiration to add winter whites to your home


If you really can’t put away the holiday decor, try taking down the tree while reusing the ornaments as a centerpiece with a hurricane or bowl.

mirrored ns

Add glass and mirrored accents that bring just the right amount of bling to dress up those whites!

white bedding

Layer up on cozy blankets; these should range in shades of white as well as textures to create a cozy space where you will want to snuggle up.

fur throw

If your winter memories consist of cozy days spent in a cabin, add a faux fur to bring that feeling into your own home.

candle white

White candles are always a great choice; try grouping them together in varying heights. I love the idea of taking some spray paint and glitter to natural elements such as pinecones and branches!


This is one of my favorite ways to update a home — simply switch out the artwork! For winter whites, adjust photos to B&W taken during past winter moments such as ski trips or sledding adventures. If you don’t have any photos of your own, purchase stock images! If you want to enlarge images, check out this affordable option via the ladies from ABM.

Ready to bring these cool (wink, wink) ideas into your manicured home?

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