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My Clickable Sunday

October 9, 2016

Seasons definitely affect my color choices in my own home and even in my choice of clothing. If you have been reading My Manicured Life for a while, you know I believe that your clothing and your interior design choices go hand in hand. When you are comfortable in your choice of what you wear, similar items are typically what you are comfortable selecting for your home (colors, prints, and textures). In the summer, like many of you, I wear brighter colors; in the winter, darker and more muted tones are more my style. However, as Autumn days get colder and colder rather than going to blacks and grays, I’m craving all light neutrals – especially with Halloween and Autumn decor.  So, as the temps dip, I’m pulling some color from my home (& wardrobe) but making sure it has lots of texture and layering to keep things interesting and not falling flat.

As always, here are my favorite clickable moments from the week. Happy Sunday everyone!

{{ What it’s like to work at target – a hilarious take on this guys first week at our favorite store.

{{ The most obnoxious e-mail thing you do.

{{ I think I’ll have to make a road trip and visit the new Amber Interiors Shoppe.

{{ Those simple projects that make all the difference – A modern solution to hide your trash cans.

{{ With lots of traveling on the horizon I will be picking up one of these cozy wraps – which one would you pick?

{{ 10 ways to decorate your front porch this Autumn.

I hope you have a lovely manicured Sunday.

Images Via: Autumn Porch // Neutral Table Decor // DIY Wreath // Desk Space

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