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Scenes From The Week

May 26, 2017

Next week, The Mr. and I will be heading to Hawaii along with my family for aย sun filled vacation that we really need {and definitely feel as if we have earned – lol}. It hasn’t been long since we were on the island of Maui but we are ecstatic to go back. However, why is that without fail, the week before a vacation, your workload just increases beyond belief? Meaning this week has been filled with running around from meeting…

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Design Scenes From The Week

Scenes From The Week

There are those families that go around the dinner table and repeat the highs and lows of the day or week; this week I can’tย help but smile over the “high” from the past seven days. Yesterday, my friend and photographer, Elena Graham and I…

May 18, 2017

My Manicured Life

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