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Taking Time and Virtual Hugs

October 2, 2016

Wedding blues haven’t exactly set in for us now that our big day has come and gone; don’t get me wrong – it was beyond lovely, and we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have not only found one another but to have had our wedding with so many friends and family surrounding us.  Though there is the other side of weddings – the part you are warned about.  Weddings, require a ton of work, result in stress, and cost even more than you thought they would.  Sure, you are probably thinking, duh.  Yeah, I  heard it again and again too, but somehow I just didn’t fully grasp it until I was near the date of our big day, despite the research, the books and the articles that lay it out in full detail. This part I do not miss one bit.

As stressful as it is, we had a complete blast, and we loved all of your sweet messages throughout the process. Our wedding was exactly what we wanted, and everything went to plan (well at least from what we could see – thank you to my amazing wedding planner who would never let me know if it didn’t).

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We followed up the wedding with a trip to Maui, Hawaii, an island we both had visited before but made the journey two days after our “I do’s” to relax and to basically sleep on the beach for ten days.  It was amazing; the trip was exactly what we needed – fun, relaxing, and a huge dose of vitamin D.  Sunshine all day, every day was a huge change from our foggy (but lovely) city. Stay tuned for my guide to Maui, Hawaii!

Since the wedding was such a huge undertaking for me, my posts were not as regular as I like them to be over a two-week period, and for that I thank you!  It’s never easy to step away from work, especially when you love it, but I don’t regret stepping away for a second.  As a thank you to all of you for the kind wishes and sticking with me here on My Manicured Life, I will be posting a sweepstake in collaboration with one of my favorite companies, Room & Board this week! So, be sure to check back soon or keep an eye on my Instagram for the announcement and your chance to win.

Thanks again (huge virtual hug to you all) for reading My Manicured Life, and be sure to check back in for the sweepstakes and a travel post on Maui!

Wedding photo by the amazing: Elena Graham

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