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My Clickable Sunday

July 31, 2016

It’s so easy to say, “be sure to slow down on work, and take some time to enjoy yourself – work will always be there.”  We know we need it, crave it even but yet to actually take the time is somehow, oh so hard – especially time just for you. I made a promise to myself, to work harder on this exact thing and it was yesterday that I finally did it.  I took 2 hours to myself, and it was glorious! I put work aside, turned off my phone, and got to work on a craft project. Sure, I didn’t get to finish it, but those two hours were pure bliss. Did the house need to be cleaned? Were there unanswered emails? Could I have done research on a piece of furniture, a fabric, a light fixture? Could I have gone and worked out? Yes.

See, it was two hours that I spent doing exactly what I wanted to be doing. I didn’t guilt myself into anything because I should; I just picked one thing to concentrate on that I love.  It was those two hours left me feeling even more energized, happier, and ready for the rest of the weekend – even if it did involve errands, answering emails, cleaning, and work research.

Sundays are for lounging and discovering; here are a few links that have made me laugh, smile, and feel inspired.

{{ A dog bowl so chic, I don’t mind having it sitting out. You don’t have to dress your pet up for them to be chic too!

{{ Forget the whole plant and style with leaves.

{{ How A NYC couple fit a nursery into a 400-sq-ft loft – with the cutest crib/bassinet I ever did see!

{{ Learn how to display your collections.

{{ Will this be the new IT dessert?

I hope you have had a wonderful, manicured weekend (with some time to yourself).

Photos: Kitchen // Floral Hair // Balloon – unknown //  Tub //

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