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Design Tips – Pastel Power

March 21, 2016

With Easter upon us, pastels are back on the scene in clothing and home decor.  Using pastel colors can bring a light and airy feel to a room. Keep in mind, though, when used with too heavy a hand pastels can appear unsophisticated or even clinical.  By adding other elements, such as metallics and warm wood tones with texture alongside your pastel furnishings, you will create a balanced space.

Proving Pastels Are Not Just For Springtime.

pastel bookshelf

I love this subtle use of color; soft grays and the splash of color within the bookshelf and artwork make this room anything but boring.

blue living room 2

The power of blue is going strong here! These dusty blue walls, rug, and ottoman prove that the right hue can pull anyone into the room.

pink pillow

Pops of blush pink accents and warm tones found in the basket and nightstand complete this room. A little touch of pastel can go a long way!

moody pink

Proving that when you introduce pastels into a room it doesn’t have to be paired with white walls and all light colors. Pastels can be moody too!

mint kitchen

Even in a kitchen, pastels can make a strong statement that will last all year long.

patchwork sofa

Why limit yourself to one color when selecting a sofa?

forget white walls

Why choose white walls when you can do this?

pastel and leather

I love the mix of a pastel sofa and pillows with the dark brown leather ottoman, anchoring this inspired conversational space.

pink sink

Creating a moody space with unexpected touches such as a pink sink is a bold move but a sure win.

lavender vanity

I personally love this over the top vanity – proving the power of paint!

Are you ready to incorporate pastels into your manicured home? 

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