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DIY – We’re a Perfect Match

February 6, 2016

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I wanted to create a little treat that is equally fun to make as it is to enjoy.  I decided that the time was right to use up some of the craft supplies I’ve been hoarding in my supply box — a huge undertaking! It all started when I found some old, emtpy spice jars without the labels..

I created a sweet and salty treat — the best part? No baking required.

DIY: We’re A Perfect Match


What you need:

Pretzel sticks

Powdered Sugar

Red Food Coloring


(Option: Red Frosting over Powdered Sugar, Water and Food Coloring)

Small Jar – I used spice jars from Trader Joes

Ribbon or Twine


Pen of Choice


Wax Paper

Hole Punch



Create frosting: Mix food coloring, water, and powdered sugar – depending on your amount needed and the exact color you want, the quantities will change. I recommend starting with sugar and then slowly adding small amounts of water while mixing. When you reach an ideal consistency, add drops of red food coloring.



Frost: With a sheet of wax paper on hand, dip pretzels into the frosting, on one end only, to create the look of a matchstick. Lay on wax paper to dry.




Create: While matchsticks dry, create labels for your jar. I had black tag stickers that needed a backing. With some colorful paper, I added a sticker to each and cut out the desired shape. I then used a hole puncher to create the tag for the jar. I used a white pen I had on hand to write a sweet note.  Finally, with colorful twine and threading the tag was added, creating the perfect vessel for the Valentines treat.


Ta-Da!: Once pretzels are dry, add to jar and seal.

a perfect match

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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